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My goal is to provide news, information and commentary on the legal issues that are pertinent to emergency services as well as to individuals in the southeastern Pennsylvania area.  Please let me know if there are topics that you would like to see addressed or if you have feedback that would help make the blog more successful and relevant.  Please also know that the posts are not intended to convey specific legal advise nor are they intended to create any type of attorney-client relationship.  If the topic has specific relevance to you, I encourage you to discuss it further with your company's legal counsel and leadership or feel free to reach out to me if you should need additional guidance. 

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*Important Note: The cases and general legal principles discussed are just that - general discussions.  No specific legal conclusions about you, or your company's, situation can be made based on generalities.  It is important to discuss the law as it pertains to your specific circumstances with your attorney.  


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