Valocchi Law Legal Rates and Billing

Billing Philosophy: I strive to provide the highest quality legal services at affordable rates.  I keep overhead low and can offer both hourly rates and flat rates, depending on the legal issue at hand.  I will work with you to develop a billing solution that fits for your particular situation.  Please note that flat rate solutions may not be available for every type of matter. 


Contact Me: Please contact me so that we can approach your legal matter and the costs in a collaborative way. In addition, I will work with you to provide estimates up front so that there is open and honest communications regarding the costs of pursuing your matter. 


Forms of Payment: I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, checks (both business and personal) and bank transfers.  You have the option to receive electronic or paper invoices and can pay all bills online, by mail or in person. 


Contact Valocchi Law

Phone: 484.614.7407


Fax: 484.575.9070


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